With all the hub-bub surrounding WWE and their actions involving Hulk Hogan’s racist “rant” that came to light last week, the current talk is starting to focus on whether or not to strip Hogan of his HOF status. The company has already removed him from their HOF page, and they seem to be trying to remove him from the history of the promotion altogether. I bet Vince is somewhere right now wondering why in the hell he created Hulkamania to begin with.

Hogan messed up big time, do doubt. It turns out that him screwing that woman paid off in no way, shape, form, or fashion. He got taped. Everyone was made nauseous with still shots of his sagging ass. He’s now been outed as a self-proclaimed racist. It amazes me that so many people are acting so shocked and surprised over this. So many stories have come out about Hogan and his “real” persona over the years that it has become common knowledge that he only played a paragon of virtue on television. The real person seems to have more bad points than one can count….including, but not limited to, being dumber than a box of rocks.


But, to remove him from the Hall of Fame? This is the man who the company was built around for a decade. No matter how big a dumbass SOB he is, the success of WWE is directly tied to him. No Hogan, no WrestleMania. No WrestleMania, no WWF. No WWF, no today’s WWE.

Hell, Vince has even used the term on a previous SummerSlam in reference to John Cena. And, it can still be seen and heard on the Network today…right after a Chris Benoit match. But, of course, that’s ok, because according to a WWE statement released today, Vince used it in a “satirical skit”. Yep, that makes everything ok.

And, plus, if you are going to take Hogan out of the HOF to protect your corporate PG/PC image, Vince, then you may want to consider removing some of the folks who have been even less PC and have a helluva lot more skeletons in their closets than Hogan.

Abdullah The Butcher: Longstanding accusations that he was infecting wrestlers with Hepatitis C through sharing a blade and/or cutting wrestlers without their knowledge. He even lost a civil court case and was ordered to pay $2.3 million in damages to one of those wrestlers.

Bill Watts: Here’s a guy who got fired from WCW from racist comments made in an interview…or depending on the story, defending a racist in an interview. Hank Aaron wasn’t impressed, got in Ted Turner’s ear, and Watts was no more.

Superstar Billy Graham: Has there ever been a more anti-WWE guy than Graham? From going on national television and accusing Vince and crew of distributing steroids to admitting to buying them from Vince to trashing the organization left, right, and center. The man got on television, numerous times, and admitted to breaking the law…all why accusing his boss of everything from drug distribution to condoning sexual molestation of minors to straight out rape.

Carlos Colon, Sr.: Here’s a guy who has been one of people at the center of the controversy surrounding Bruiser Brody’s murder in 1988. He’s been named as everything from a co-conspirator to the actual person that set it up due to injuries he suffered at the hands of Brody in a match 5 years earlier.

Donald Trump: If you listen to the mainstream media, this man is nothing but a racist. But, he and Vince are so tight that his racism can be overlooked.

Jimmy Snuka: Whether or not Snuka really did kill his then girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, may never be known. What is known is that after Vince showed up and talked privately to investigators, Sunka was let go. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, prosecutors have kept this case open and supposedly were presenting it to a grand jury over a year ago. Suspicion hangs over Snuka to this day.

Mike Tyson: Convicted rapist. Need I say more?

Pete Rose: Gambler who can never be inducted into his own sport’s Hall of Fame.

Steve Austin: Plead guilty to domestic violence…more than once.

Sunny: She’s pretty much everything but a porn star these days….Skyping for pennies at every turn. Also arrested multiple times, had restraining orders issued against her, and is generally batcrap crazy.

I could go on about all the members of the HOF that have had drug issues, that have felony records, etc., so it’s not like the Hall of Fame is a collection of saints. Hell, if a suspected murderer can be in it, and another man who lost his job for racist remarks, then I don’t think Hogan should be removed.

Do I agree with what Hogan said and did? Oh, hell no. I’m a Southerner, and I grew up around talk that all my life, and still live around it daily. I hate it. I despise it. And, I made myself a promise early in life….I refused to ever be one of the people who acted like a bigoted racist or tolerated that kind of behavior. I’ve fired people for it and refused to hire people for it. It’s disgusting, despicable, and in 2015, completely inexcusable.

Do I believe that Vince and crew had no idea what Hogan was like in real life before Friday? Of course they did. The only problem now is that the rest of the world knows. It was ok to put him in the HOF and parade him out for all the world to see at every opportunity when his dumbass attitude was a private thing only known to WWE and Hogan. But, once the public finds out, Hogan must be erased.

Hypocrisy at its finest. I expect nothing less from Vince and the WWE.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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