The poster from the much awaited film appears to be a copy of the classic. Read on to know more!

BollywoodLife recently revealed to you the posters of Bombay Velvet , a film directed by Anurag Kashyap which features Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar in leading roles. While we were simply blown away by the sheer genius presented in the posters, be it the chic appeal or the intensity in them, we couldn’t help but notice how similar Anushka-Ranbir’s poster was similar to that of the classic venture Gone with the Wind!Remember the famous pose of Scarlet O Hara, looking deep into Rhet Butter’s eyes as he held onto her? Well RK and Anushka’s pose in the poster of BV comes across as a copy of the same! Anushka’s pained expression resembles that of Scarlett and the manner in which RK is holding her is strikingly similar to the way Rhett held his ladylove in the poster. An inspiritation or a blatant copy? We wonder!

Nonetheless, RK and Anushka truly look stunning and make a wondrous pair indeed. The couple will truly scorch our screen with their sizzling chemistry! Stay tuned for the trailer of Bombay Velvet right here on Bollywoodlife. Because frankly my dear, you should give a damn! *wink wink*