While some are going gaga over Anurag Kashyap film’s trailer, some think that it plainly sucks! Check out some polar opposite viewer reviews on the Bombay Velvet trailer…

Anurag Kashyap‘s most ambitious project Bombay Velvet’s trailer was unveiled this morning. On Youtube, the Ranbir Kapoor- Anushka Sharma- Karan Johar starrer has managed to get some 5 lakh views already, but it didn’t get uniform reviews from everyone. The trailer got 4,438 likes but what was more shocking was the number of dislikes, a solid 1,348, which is a pretty big number considering it is just a trailer video!

While some are vouching for Kashyap’s edgy filmmaking skills and KJo’s smashing new villainous avatar in the trailer, there is also a section of viewers who is simply underwhelmed by the BV trailer. The first comment in the YouTube comments section under the trailer video reads, “average or even flop i sure you.” (sic)



Another comment says, “Dude this sucked…the biggest disappointment of the year. Ranbir’s character seems like a Amitabh bachhan meets Al Pacino meets emraan hasmi. it seemed to be inspired by Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara. Karan johar should stick to coffee with karan and Anurag kashyap should stick to small budgets because he has no clue what to do with so much money. Seems like his brother helped him make this film, ‘no thank you abhinav kashyap’. I am seriously sad…like actually. anothr one sells out to the main stream sucking on the proverbial cock and may a real one too. RIP Anurag Kashyap….we shall tales of you glorious past.” (sic) Now that is some severe criticism for a 2 minutes 39 seconds long trailer and obviously the entire film cannot be judged on the basis of a trailer but who are we to judge



One of the YouTube comments was quick to point out that Ranbir’s dialect in the film is different, and not in a good way. Here is what it says, “Couldn’t understand what Ranbir was saying….was it his delivery or voice? Even put on my speakers to play again. No better.”(sic)


But let’s not say that Bombay Velvet trailer only received flak. Some viewers were thoroughly impressed by the same! One viewer who was really happy with the BV trailer wrote, “OUTSTANDING!!!! This would be path breaking for Bollywood. Very different and kind of old hindi movie look, Ranbir is a true superstar with his performance in this film. Its not right to judge a film negatively just because its totally spaced out from other hindi films. Cmon this is a Anurag Kashyap film, the man gets alot of critisizm for most of his bovies but end up getting all the money and praise for work. And also Kjo wouldnt hav ageed to act if the storyline wasnt good.”(sic)


We think that the trailer could have been more impressive. What do you think? Tell us why you liked/disliked the trailer in the comments section below!