Wow! Isn’t that great news for all you PC lovers? Read on to find out more….
Priyanka Chopra is well and truly taking over the US! In an unprecedented move for talent from India, the new promo of Priyanka’s big television debut in ABC Network’s American show Quantico aired during the NBA finals featuring the Warriors v/s Cavaliers game on Sunday.

This is yet another benchmark set by Priyanka in recent times. This makes Priyanka, the first Indian face to be featured and promoted so strongly during an all-American sporting extravaganza once again. Her debut English single In my city was chosen as the theme song for another American staple, the NFL, headlining their Thursday Night Football programming every week for 2 seasons.

With Quantico, Priyanka becomes the first Indian actor to land a lead role in a major American TV series. The trailer, which was launched a few weeks ago, went viral and has created a huge amount of interest for the show and its lead actor. The teaser featuring Chopra sporting an FBI flag while in shackles is proof that ABC network believes that Priyanka could be their new break out star.

Says Priyanka, “I’m thrilled! First the NFL and now the NBA… it’s pretty amazing how this is all coming together. I am a basketball fan and have watched a few of the games live last year during my trips to the US and I know what a major following it has. So to have my promo air during the NBA finals was pretty special for me! Yikes… the pressure’s building up for Quantico!”

We are pretty excited about the show as well. We thinks this will truly make her a big name name in America. What do you think BollywoodLifers, will PC be America’s most wanted celebrity? Go ahead and let us know your thoughts on the same.