The Avengers: Age of Ultron is about to release and we have thought of a fun Bollywood version for the same…

Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for release tomorrow and we can’t be more excited! The film will be action-packed and we only wish if their could be a Bollywood remake for the Marvel superhero classic. We thought of a Bollywood Avengers team, a team of superstars using their superhero powers to beat the evil. In our imagination, the Bollywood superstars will turn into superheroes for our version of the Avengers movie, and while playing themselves, these are the superpowers we’d want them to have. Buckle up…

Superhero: Priyanka Chopra


Alias: Sexy Siren girl

Superpower: Priyanka Chopra is the lucky star of Bollywood. She is not only a terrific actress but also a melodious songstress. As one of the Avengers, PC would have the superpower of enchanting her enemies with her honey-like voice and then she would disarm them by using her slick martial arts moves (basically going all ninja Roma from Don on their asses.) How does that sound?

Superhero: Ranbir Kapoor


Alias: Frozeon

Superpower: RK is known to keep his life private and he can’t stand media intrusion. So in our version of the Avengers, the Kapoor lad will have the power to freeze out his enemies and render them immobilized! No enemy will be successful in getting too close to the Bombay Velvet actor!

Superhero: Deepika Padukone


Alias: Feminatrix

Superpower: Ever since she spoke out about the cleavage controversy, then her own battle with depression and women’s empowerment in the My Choice video, DP has become a paragon of virtue. As an Avenger, her superpower will be to use her powerful words of goodness to bring about a change in heart in her enemies. Also, picture her doing that while wearing a Wonder Woman outfit!

Superhero: Alia Bhatt


Alias: Blue-eyed beast

Superpower: The ABCD 2 actor will disarm his enemies in his own unique way. We imagine Varun to use his enticing charm and smile to disengage the enemy forces! All Varun will have to do is emit his inevitable charm from his innocuous eyes and have the enemies lower their guards using his smile. Then there will be hell to pay!

Superhero: Kangana Ranaut


Alias: Agent Alia McBrainy

Superpower: She is not just the Genius of the Year, she will also be the genius of the Avengers gang. We imagine that the Udta Punjab actress will be the beauty with brains in this entire superhero operation! Add to that a dash of geeky looks and her super-hot petite frame and bam! You have a powerful superhero!

Superhero: Varun Dhawan


Alias: Slyshifter

Superpower: We cannot picture Kangana with any superpower but that of being a sexy assasin-cum-spy who will use various accents to dupe the bad guys to get insider information out of them and then using it intelligently to defeat them! She looks like someone who can get the inside job done, doesn’t she?

Superhero: Arjun Kapoor




Alias: BrawnMan

Superpower: He will be the brute force as an Avenger. We imagine that Arjun will have the super power of crushing his enemies with his bare hands. But there is another side to him which only his close confidantes know of, that he has a gentle soul and he will only use his hell-raising superpower for the good!

Superhero: Aamir Khan


Alias: Mr. Khan

Superpower: We are not assigning characters to Bollywood stars from the original Avengers franchise but it is hard to imagine the Dangal actor being anyone but someone like Nick Fury for the whole Avengers team. One, he is older than the rest of the superheroes so his experience will lead the rest. Second, we think Aamir will make a quirky Nick Fury, somewhat like Mad-eye Moody from Harry Potter, who says sinister things while being the guiding force to the Avengers. How cool would that be?

So this is the ideal Bollywood team of the Avengers. You are welcome btw! Tell us what are your thoughts on this star team of superheroes!