Four days ago, news broke on that Wade Barrett will be defending his Intercontinental Title in a ladder match at WrestleMania 31. Many fans are overjoyed with this decision; ever since the Money in the Bank match garnered its own Pay-Per-View, a match of this caliber hasn’t taken place at the Showcase of the Immortals. It has yet to be announced who or how many participants will be in this bout, but there are many wrestlers who would fit in nicely. With the Andre the Giant Battle Royal returning for a second year at WrestleMania 31, don’t expect eight to 10 contestants fighting for the title. Here are my six predictions on who will be involved in the Intercontinental title match.


The first, and most obvious, choice for this match is Barrett. The reigning Intercontinental Champion has floundered ever since returning from injury. Although he has held the title for two months, Barrett continues to lose week after week on television. However, many realize that Barrett has star potential, and while he has been booked to look weak, he will showcase his talents in the ladder match at the big event.


While many thought Ambrose would capture the Intercontinental Title at last month’s Fast Lane Pay-Per-View, the controversial ending gives him a chance to step up and win the belt at WrestleMania 31. Ambrose is sure to be involved in this match, as he has stolen the title during Barrett’s matches on both Raw and Smackdown. Look for the fan favorite to shine in what could be his signature single’s moment to date.


When Ziggler was the sole survivor in the Survivor Series main event, many saw this as an opportunity to finally be a permanent player in the main event picture. However, his stop and start push has continued, as Ziggler really hasn’t accomplished much in the New Year. Ziggler is considered WWEs work horse, and he truly can perform in any match against any opponent. He will prove to be a valuable player in this ladder match.


While many see Truth as an odd choice for this match, there are two reasons why he could be involved: as seen on Raw and Smackdown, he has been put on commentary during Barrett’s matches, and he is a trusted veteran who can play his part in a big match at WrestleMania. At 43-years old, Truth isn’t getting any younger, and this could be WWEs way of saying “Thank You” to someone who has been a professional in the company for many years.

Although it seemed premature when the Wyatt Family disbanded, Harper has really come into his own as a single’s competitor. While having a (very) short run as Intercontinental Champion at the end of 2014, Harper has showed a unique skillset for a big man; while he has his fair share of power moves, he is also quick and agile at the same time. Harper will provide both strong in-ring ability and another heel to this championship match.

Daniel Bryan

As the wild-card participant, I think it will be great if Bryan is added to the ladder match. Rumors have circulated that he could face a returning Sheamus, but with him being involved in the ring with Barrett and Ambrose on Smackdown, it is likely he will inserted into the match. Although each wrestler is proven inside the squared circle, Bryan would provide legitimacy to this match, as not only is he a main eventer, but he is also arguably the best wrestler in the WWE today.

Although six wrestlers could be a stretch for this ladder match, if these wrestlers are chosen, this has the chance to be a show stealer. Not only is each superstar exceptional inside of the ring, but this match could possibly be the final step in revitalizing the Intercontinental Championship.

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