Tom Felton lost his passport, and now he's stranded at the airport! The Harry Potter actor tweeted about losing his phone and passport, sharing the distressing news that he is currently stuck in travel limbo.


It seemed like he was going to have a good day when his cell got recovered, after losing it on his flight.

But then, there was still his passport.

And he started tweeting out Draco Malfoy memes to compensate.

But despite his magical past, he still has no way to get out of the country! Tom apparently lost his passport in Los Angeles. Since he's a UK citizen (and is presumably trying to make his way back home), he's seriously stuck in New York.

We hope he gets his travels sorted out soon! At least it seems like he's keeping a sense of humor about the whole situation. He even joked around with his friend James Corden about the whole fiasco.

Have you ever lost your passport before? Can you believe this happened to Tom? Tell us in the comments!