Even though fans have blamed Perrie Edwards for making Zayn Malik leave One Direction, the Little Mix singer says she was actually really upset that he quit the group!

“I was upset at first because it was such a huge decision he made, and he has to live with that for the rest of his life. We knew it was going to be massive and everyone would be talking about it, so I prepared myself for that,” she said.

She even defended Liam Payne in the process! He previously commented that the Bradford Bad Boy wanted to spend more time with his “missus,” but she says she’s not holding a grudge about it.

“I heard that [Liam said I was the reason Zayn left], but it’s a lie — Liam didn’t say that. Simon Cowellsaid something about Zayn missing his family and me, and that became the story everyone reported.”

In the months since he’s left the band, Perrie’s gotten a lot of flack for her supposed influence on Zayn. But we never thought that she was the reason he quit. After all, it seems like he was unhappy in 1D for a while. It wasn’t his fiancée’s fault.