Paige On Which NXT Diva Should Be Called Up To The WWE Main Roster, Total Divas, Drew McDonald’s Passing & More

WWE Diva Paige called into Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’s The Josh Podcast and discussed the passing of Drew McDonald, NXT Takeover Rival, a possible Divas-only WWE Network Special and the remaining episodes of this season’s Total Divas. You can listen to the full interview by clicking play above (it starts at about the 3:30 mark), below are some highlights:.

Her connection to Drew McDonald:

“First of all he was an absolute legend in the UK and European scene in general. I grew up around him. I’ve known him since I literally was a very small child. He meant so much to me; if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. He was literally like an uncle as well as someone who gave me the chance to have my dream job.”

McDonald’s influence on her wrestling style:

“He always said be aggressive. I used to do a lot of wrestling moves but instead he would say, ‘no you need to be more aggressive, you need to be more angry’. That’s where my head-butts come in, and this is where my knees come in.”

Which NXT Diva should be called up next:

“I’m best friends with Bailey but Sasha Banks is the full package. Like everything about her, she’s got a character, she’s got the moves. Backstage she is so sweet and professional and actually amazing.”

A possible Divas-only WWE Network special:

“I would love that to because before I wrestled here I used to work for an all-women wrestling show and so many people used to come out to watch it. These women would kick each others asses, we used to beat the living hell out of each other and people used to love it. I think there is definitely a draw and there are a lot of people would be very interested in watching it.”

Social media:

“It’s so hard to read the comments. I try to, and people get so angry at me. I cant help it there are a lot of comments. A lot of them wind up being extremely rude or extremely sexual or something, I’m just like I can’t respond to that. I’d get in trouble if I tell a guy who says I suck like, ‘F you’.”

High School:

“I didn’t like high school very much, people were mean to me. It’s really weird how the transition goes where I was very unconfident and don’t want to be around these people because now I’m just like ‘bring it on’. I was definitely that weird little emo chick in school.”

The rest of this season’s Total Divas:

“We like to play pranks on people. We love to go on trips. There’s an episode coming up where we go to Key West, things just get wild when we go to Key West. I make absolutely horrible decisions all the time. It’s very cool; I’m very excited to see how the season goes on. I’m very excited to see how I really am because I am that weird wild child.”