– Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com spoke with WWE Tough Enough judges Paige and Hulk Hogan to promote tonight’s premiere on the USA Network. The full interview is at this link. Hogan and Paige commented on what they’re looking for as judges on the show:

Hogan: “I do care about technique and how people perform in the ring, how they hit the ropes, placement, their skills and ability. But the overriding factor for me is selling tickets, putting rear ends in seats and that takes the ‘it’ factor, someone special. An Andre the Giant or a Rock, Triple H or a Paige who we just found recently. That’s what we’re looking for — the charisma, the “it” factor. For me, that seals the deal.”

Paige: “Speaking on the microphone, you have to be able to tell a story — there’s the everything. I look at someone that is different as well, someone that stands out from the rest of the crowd because you don’t want to blend in. Ever. You won’t be here very long if you don’t stand out.”

“I think all three of us — we’re don’t take any bull from anyone. We’re all going to be very stern. The Hulkster knows what he’s looking for. Bryan knows what he’s looking for. I know what I’m looking for. We’re not going to let people get through the cracks. We’re going to be very, very involved with every single one of them.”