Justin Bieber got into a major physical altercation at Coachella while trying to go see Drake‘s concert! In a video obtained by TMZ, the singer tries to walk into the artists’ entrance, but security tells him to leave because the space is at capacity — and then the situation escalates.

Apparently, his entourage had the proper wristbands to get in, but the guards wouldn’t listen, even after the singer said that he had been personally invited to watch his friend. They told him to go through the normal entrance, but Justin said that he’d get mobbed if that happened.

Both parties kept arguing about it, until eventually a security guard came up behind him and put him into a chokehold. Eventually, Justin’s entourage was ordered to leave, and willingly did so. But it was such a bad experience that apparently they’re considering suing!

Since he’s trying to better his life and change his public image, we think it’s kind of crazy that he went through that — at least he’s left the situation willingly.

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