OUCH: Justin Bieber Accused of Bullying His Way Into Prom


Justin Bieber surprised students at Chatsworth Charter High School by crashing their prom withHailey Baldwin, but now the school is accusing his team of bullying their way into the event.

The school's security team was worried that the crowd would become unmanageable with the pop star there. But a district representative told TMZ, "His entourage pushed past the school's security to gain access to the dance floor."

Apparently, the singer had been recording music on the same lot as the prom, but the school was "assured that he would not come out to interfere."

However, Justin's rep says that no one tried to stop him from entering. A few students invited the pop star to the dance, and then they all peacefully did just that.

"It's unfortunate they're trying to make this a negative thing. It was awesome for all the kids," Justin's rep said.

Since the singer is trying to turn over a new leaf, we don't think he would cause a major ruckus if he wasn't allowed into the event. When Kendall Jenner recently got denied entry at a Coachella party, he calmly left the line with his entourage. Maybe there was just another misunderstanding? Hopefully, he didn't force his way into this prom. That wouldn't be in line with his new image!

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