Cody Simpson is not happy with his Dancing With the Stars days! In a recent interview, the singer expressed his frustration with his career before he dropped his record label, and expressly called out the dance competition show for being so fame-oriented.

“These past two years, I was so frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t being believed in. I needed to go out and do this myself — the way I want to be doing it. You never know what you truly want when you’re 15,” he said.

“Also, Dancing with the Stars — what the [heck]? I need to just step out of that celebrity role, you know what I mean?”

The singer got cast on the show in early 2014, and seemed really excited about the chance to compete. We had no clue that he was so bitter about that time in his life. At least it seems like he’s following his passion now. But he probably won’t star in a reality TV show again!