Justin Bieber says that he only likes to date girls who he can see himself staying with for the rest of his life! In a recent interview, the singer revealed exactly what type of girl catches his eye β€” and he says that he just wants to feel comfortable around his prospective girlfriend.

“I need healthy relationships with people I can feel safe with. People I can say whatever to, and I’m not going to be judged,” he said.

“In a girl, I want someone who’s confident in herself and honest. I have to find her very attractive and as someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.”

Really, it just sounds like he wants someone who he can be himself around, which totally makes sense. And since he’s kind of been flirting with Selena Gomez, it seems like she may still be the girl that he sees himself spending his life with. They are very comfortable together!

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