One Direction is hard at work on their fifth album (AKA their first record without Zayn Malik), and it sounds like it’s going to be different than any of their previous endeavors! In a recent interview withEntertainment Tonight, the guys say that they don’t have any collaborations on the horizon yet, but they’re shaping up their new sound.

“There’s a few different sounds on the album, not all the songs sound the same, like, same vibe. They are all kind of different,” Niall Horan revealed. “Couple of different guitars and drums. It’s a lot different than what we did before…but, it’s cool.”

“There’s a lot of old school vibes as well,” Liam Payne said. “I said before that it was quite Oasis-y but I was thinking about one song that I’ve been playing…it’s very diverse I think.”

They confirmed that they already have a few songs finished, so it sounds like they’re having a lot of fun experimenting with different types of music. Their last album, Four, was definitely an evolution from their earlier stuff, but we still really enjoyed it. We’re sure we’ll feel the same way about their fifth album!