Louis Tomlinson reportedly spent over $9,000 on room service while hosting a party with his friends! A student named Kemi Lawrence was part of the One Direction singer’s posse that night, and she spilled all the details in a new interview with The Sun.

“Louis was definitely the one who kept the party going back at the hotel. It was 5am but he turned the music right up,” she said.

“He ordered room service, including burgers and chips and even a salmon dinner for one of his friends who wanted it. There were no issues at all with ordering it at 6am in the morning.”

Even though the group stayed up talking until 11:30am, Tommo was apparently super-peppy the whole time.

“Louis was still being really fun and energetic, and he was very considerate. He even ordered us fresh tights and socks from room service. Later he settled the room service bill for all of us, which came to £6,000.”

That’s over $9,000! It’s nice that he footed the bill, but it’s kind of crazy that they spent that much money on food and drinks. At least it sounds like everyone had a fun time.

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