Taylor Swift‘s music has changed so many Swifties’ lives, but we’re still impressed that the “Blank Space” singer helped one of her fans get back her memory! Charli Robertson, who has cerebal palsy, credits the pop star with helping her work through her amnesia.

A few years ago, the teenager had a series of severe seizures that led to her memory loss — and things got pretty serious.

Her mom said, “It got to a point I was wondering, was she ever going to come back? [Doctors] had kind of given up because they had done everything.”

But everything changed when she put “Mean” on the stereo!

“There was an immediate reaction… she was singing the words. She would get all of her memory back by April [2013].”

Charli added, “I didn’t know my own mother. I didn’t even know who I was…I think it was the part, ‘You can’t take me down,’ that brought me back.”

Wow, that’s crazy — we can’t believe that Taylor’s music was the thing that helped jog her memory. And thankfully, a local radio station pulled some strings and she’ll get to meet her idol when The 1989 World Tour hits North Carolina this October. That is so cute!

Can you believe that Taylor’s music helped Charli regain her memory? Tell us in the comments!