One Direction has slammed the reports that they’re taking a break! Although the British tabloid The Sun insists that the guys will be going on a vacation from the band after they finish promoting their upcoming fifth album, their reps say that it’s not necessarily true.

“The band are to go on a break after promoting the fifth album next year, possibly with a number of live tour dates around the world. Simon Cowell is supportive of what they need to do because he wants the band to stay together in some form for a very long time,” their source said.

“They have been working non-stop for five years, sold millions of albums and become some of the biggest celebrities in the world. At some point they have to take time off to step back and consider what they want to do next. What’s almost certain is there will be no 1D music next year.”

Then their “insider” also speculated that their break might push them to pursue other endeavors.

“The reality is that once a boy band takes a break, it’s often the beginning of the end. They’re adults now and have their own interests. Niall, Louis and Liam would want to get back together after the break but the big question mark is over Harry, who has lots of options.”


However, 1D’s reps responded by saying that the entire report was totally hypothetical.

“[This is] all pure speculation and not based on any facts. The band are excited about their brand new fifth album and their upcoming tour.”

While their reps slammed the report, they didn’t actually explicitly deny it. The article said that they would go on a break after releasing their fifth album, which is supposedly slated for a November release.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the guys to take a vacation. They work so hard! And just because some boy bands take a break and then split up, it doesn’t mean it would necessarily happen to 1D. They said that they never even contemplated breaking up after Zayn Malik quit — they’re so committed to the group.