Naughty Boy says that Zayn Malik‘s first track as a solo artist is coming sooner than you think! The producer revealed at the The 60th Anniversary Ivor Novello Awards that their collaborative track is going to be on his next album — and the song will be ready for our ears in just a couple of months.

“Zayn is definitely going to be on [my] album. I’m keeping it interesting. I’m an artist person and I’m drawn to proper singers and artists and to me Zayn is the epitome of a great artist,” he said.

“Our track is going to be ready in a couple of months…You are going to be shocked by what he comes out with…I feel that the last five years have the most important for him but I feel he has a future beyond that.”

There’s even a chance that it will be one of the singles on Naughty Boy’s album! When asked if the song would be a single, he said, “Maybe, maybe…”

Um, big news! This would be the first song that Zayn has released since he left One Direction, and we can’t believe that it’s coming so soon. While we’ve already heard his track “I Won’t Mind,” that was written before he quit the band. Maybe he’s finally going to try his hand at rapping for his new song with Naughty Boy? That would definitely leave us “shocked.”