OMG: Is Zayn Malik Doing a Meet-and-Greet?

64173Zayn Malik has bashed the rumors that he's holding a meet-and-greet event in London! He tweeted out a link to a Google search, which led to a website offering tickets for a special event with the former One Direction singer at the Dorchester Hotel in London. zayn-malik-meet-and-greet-websitee Zayn bashed the website, saying that it's totally "fake" and for his fans not to "waste your money."
Considering that it costs $320 for the meet-and-greet and $804 for a special tea, it's good that he's looking out for his fans. Still, we can't believe someone would pretend to be him and take advantage of Directioners. That's so not cool! Can you believe someone would pretend to hold a meet-and-greet with Zayn? Sound off in the comments!

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