OMG: Is Louis Tomlinson Replacing an ‘X Factor’ Judge?

Louis Tomlinson may be the next X Factor judge! Sinitta, a television presenter who appears on the show, gave her stamp of approval for the One Direction singer in a recent interview, hinting that he may be a good replacement for Louis Walsh, who reportedly wants to quit the show.

“[Louis T.] spent a lot of time with us last year, mentoring the talent and watching rehearsals. I could definitely see him going into music management and production so it’s a good place to start,” she said.

“Simon [Cowell]’s a great mentor. He mentored him as an artist. He can mentor him to be a mentor.”

We already kind of thought that was happening! There have been rumors that he wants to turn into the next Simon, and this would be the perfect gig. Of course, it would have to happen in-between 1D’s touring and studio sessions, but he definitely sounds right for the job.

Do you think Louis would be a good X Factor judge? Tell us in the comments!

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