Now that it seems like Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold are reportedly over for good, rumor has it that the One Direction singer is dating another girl! According to Heat magazine, he’s been seeing the talent agent Joy Muggli ever since he broke up with the model earlier this year — but his reps confirm that the story is totally false.

“Harry has never heard of her. The story is completely fabricated,” his team told Mail Online.

The report claimed that Harry and Joy met through their mutual friend Jeff Azoff (who, coincidentally, introduced him to Nadine), and that they’ve been friends since last August. But apparently they’ve never actually crossed paths — even though they do have matching tattoos!

Last year, she posted a photo of herself eating lunch with a mystery guy wearing rings, leading Directioners to speculate that she was hanging out with Harry, but it must have been some other dude in her life.

Why did the asparagus blush? Because he saw the salad dressing!

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Heat also reported that Harry took the talent agent on a brief vacation to Palm Springs in April, since they both went golfing there around the same time. But despite all this "evidence," there were never any photos of them together. Their matching tattoos and Palm Springs trips are just coincidences!

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