Let me tell you, the doting father is already hunting for a bigger house to accommodate Ranbir’s family. Read on to find out the full report right here!

Rumours suggest that Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor are not in good terms with his girlfriend Katrina Kaif. However, Rishi in his recent media interaction made unexpected confessions that prove otherwise. You’ll be surprised but the doting father not only admitted to his son’s live-in relationship with Kat but further dropped several hints on Ranbir-Kat’s marriage. Yes! He said, he is building a new house for Ranbir’s family, can you imagine?

Talking to a leading daily, Rishi got extremely candid and stated, “My father gave me space when I moved out after marriage and I give Ranbir his space too when he decided to move out and share a home with his girlfriend. In this house, he had one room: how could that be enough for a 33-year-old boy? He’s a great son, he listens to me but I don’t interfere in his career because my career is mine and his is his. He doesn’t live with us anymore, which is also a very big setback to Neetu and me. We’re building a new home where there will be a lot of place for him and his family. Till then, life goes on.”

This is for the first time Rishi has acknowledged Kat as Ranbir’s ‘girlfriend’, his live-in partner and taken it much further to call her ‘Ranbir’s family.’ Well, now I think, all of this is more than enough to hear the wedding bells soon. isn’t it crimaz ? Don’t forget, we gave it first!