Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris haven’t officially addressed the relationship rumors, but according to the New York Daily News, they started dating when he was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Aarika Wolf!

“Calvin and Aarika met on the set of his music video ‘Blame’ in August, and they started officially dating in October. They were full-on boyfriend/girlfriend for about six months; totally joined at the hip,” their source said.

“He ended up breaking up with Aarika, and then just pretended that the Taylor Swift stuff happened after [the breakup]. Aarika probably knows now that she was cheated on.”

Apparently, friends aren’t sure that all this romantic drama will lead to a lasting relationship either.

“It’s awkward because Calvin’s friends are very much the late-night club and DJ crowd; Taylor doesn’t seem to fit in. Calvin’s friends think he’s doing it because it’s good for his profile — and he kind of thinks it’s funny,” their source continued.

Though the end of his old relationship and the start of his current one seemed to overlap, we don’t know if that’s actually true. We definitely don’t think the pop star would break up a relationship! Though we have to admit — the timeline is a bit confusing.

When the dating rumors first started popping up, they seemed totally false because he still had a girlfriend. Although there were rumors that the DJ broke up with the model to date the “Blank Space” singer, it seems like it was mostly due to their busy schedules. We don’t think Taylor played any part in it!

Do you think Calvin started dating Taylor while he was still involved with his ex? Sound off in the comments!