OMG: Cara Delevingne Got Cast in ‘Paper Towns’ Because Nat Wolff Made Her Cry


We are beyond excited to watch Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns, and the model-turned-actress got cast in her first leading role because Nat Wolff made her cry (and she put him in tears too)! In fact, she insists that she doesn't think she'd be playing Margo if it wasn't for their audition together.

"Well, I think it was really Nat that helped me [get cast]. I think if it hadn't been with him, I don't think I would have got it because we just got on really well and we just spent the audition crying together. There was a lot of crying; Jake [Schreier, the director] was like, 'just improvise,' and we went off-script and just cried and got really real and emotional and I think that's probably why, well I hope," she told Sugarscape.

"We had a chemistry straight away, Nat and I are both really fidgety and have loads of energy, so I think they were like, 'Ok, this could either be really good or really bad.' So yeah, they took a risk I guess."

We're glad that they did! Even though we've never really watched her act before, the teasers that we've seen have been amazing. Nat has previously said that Cara blew him away with her audition, and it seems like the feeling was mutual. Things must have gotten so emotional.

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