OMG: Are Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Getting Married at Disneyland?


Zayn Malik said he has no plans for a Disney-themed wedding (even though that's his fiancée's dream), but a new report claims he's tying the knot with Perrie Edwards in Disneyland! However, we think the rumor is totally false.


A source told Star, “Perrie is a huge Disney fan. So what better way for Zayn’s family to support her and encourage her to press on with wedding plans, than reminding her of her favorite fairytale. The family [is determined that] Perrie and Zayn [will have] their own happy ever after."

While we definitely think that's true — his family wants her to have the wedding of her dreams — we don't think that they'd be pushing her into getting married when the couple has said that they're not planning it yet or worried about it.

Another report from Heat magazine mentioned photos allegedly posted to Sophia Smith's Instagram account, showing "Perrie" stepping out of a carriage and preparing for her wedding. But that account isn't real! Her actual Instagram is @sophiaxsmith and set to private.

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