Even though Zedd and Nina Dobrev have been hanging out and writing flirty notes to each other on Instagram, her reps say that they definitely aren’t a couple! Reports first started circulating that the DJ, who’s previously been linked to Selena Gomez, was dating The Vampire Diaries star after he posted an adorable selfie of them together.

Then she reposted the photo with the cutest message, writing, "Thank you for teaching me your DJing tricks. I would never be able to spin as good as you though."

Seems pretty flirty! But it sounds like they're just friends. While Nina and Zedd would make an adorable couple, we still don't know what's going on between him and his "I Want You to Know" collaborator. He says he's in the process of recording a few more songs with Selena, so maybe Zeddlena is still a thing?

Do you think that Nina and Zedd would make a cute couple? What do you think happened between him and Selena?