One Direction fans freaked out when they saw #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn trending on Twitter, but sadly he’s not joining the band again. A story has been circulating with quotes saying that he made a mistake leaving the group — but they were totally fabricated.

“I think I made a huge mistake by leaving, but me and the boys have been talking and they’re happy to have me back,” he’s quoted as allegedly saying. “I just needed some time for myself but I want fans to know I’ll be back in 1D for good when the new album comes out.”

Directioners have had mixed reactions to the trending hashtag, with most involving some level of shock.


While we may have hoped that the Bradford Bad Boy was only temporarily leaving the band when he first announced he was quitting, we’ve finally accepted that he probably won’t be returning. So these kinds of hashtags are pretty jarring to see!

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