Even though One Direction‘s reps quickly squashed the rumors that Harry Styles is dating Joy Muggli, her mother says otherwise! In fact, the talent agent’s mom, Daniela Gronna, gave an interview with Heat magazine, claiming that they’re totally seeing each other.

“They met through mutual friends. Joy knows a lot of people,” she said.

That goes against everything his reps said — they claimed that Harry and Joy had never met before!

Then, when asked if he was her daughter’s type, Daniela said, “Of course — he is a very handsome guy. But there is a lot more to a relationship than good looks.”

She also insists that her daughter wouldn’t lie about their relationship to get attention.

“[She’s] a very serious girl. She wouldn’t do something like this for attention. She doesn’t need that. She did like One Direction’s music, along with all the other music she listened to, but I wouldn’t say she was a fan,” she continued.

“I’m not sure if Harry is aware of what repercussions he might cause in her life or job. But Joy is curious about what’s coming next.”

Now we’re totally confused. Who should we believe?! This is messing with our minds.