Niall Horan admitted that he doesn’t think One Direction is cool! Or, at least, cool enough to perform at the famous British music festival, Glastonbury. He told The Mirror that 1D probably won’t get invited to perform there any time soon.

“We’re not cool enough to play at Glastonbury,” he joked.

But he did admit that he had a lot of fun at the music festival with Louis Tomlinson, and definitely wants to go back next year.

“It’s so cool, we had loads of fun. We were there for a day but we had to leave at 1am because we had a gig, but we’re going back next year for sure,” he said.

“It’s great that we get to come back home after every concert on the European tour. We have time to be in London a bit. But we’re off to America now to start the tour there. It’s exciting.”

Liam Payne is already getting a head start by vacationing at Disney World, and it’s just making us even more excited for their On the Road Again tour in the United States. They’ll always be cool enough for us!