Zayn Malik may be recording a track with a singer named Kanika Kapoor for an upcoming Bollywood movie! New Delhi Television talked to the Indian pop star, who wouldn’t officially comment on the rumor — but kind of confirmed it by saying she’d announce the news when she could!

“I don’t want to comment on this right now. Whenever I have to announce anything, I will make sure that I tell you,” she said.


A source also told NDT, “Kanika and Zayn are set to work on a song for an upcoming movie. They have already met to discuss the music. Things are at an initial stage, but it will be big for sure.”

We know how much the former One Direction singer loves Bollywood, so we wouldn’t be surprised that he wants to work on something for a movie. It just seemed like he wanted to act in a film instead of make music for it! But maybe he wants to do both? Either way, a new song (even if it’s not a solo track) is a pretty big deal.

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