Naughty Boy Defends Zayn Malik Against the Rocker Who Called Him an “Idiot”


Now that Zayn Malik is no longer in One Direction, Naughty Boy is proving that he's the Bradford Bad Boy's new ride or die! The producer slammed the Oasis rocker who called Zayn an "idiot" for leaving the band.

Naughty Boy referenced Oasis's breakup, which stemmed from arguments Noel had with his brother. The producer basically said that the rock star should stop calling Zayn an "idiot" because the Gallagher brother also left his band — and then dissed Noel by predicting that he'll need to "make up with his brother soon" because he'll need the money.

While it's sweet that the producer rushed to his bestie's defense, we're still a little ruffled from Naughty Boy's nasty comments towards Louis Tomlinson. It's seems like he's just looking to pick a fight on Zayn's behalf! But at least the former 1D member has someone on his team.

What do you think about Naughty Boy and Zayn's bromance? Tell us in the comments!

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