The confusing relationship between Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik just got even more confusing! Although Directioners freaked out when the Bradford Bad Boy was spotted in the studio with the producer days after leaving One Direction, NB insists that they weren’t making music at the time.

“I was there for my friend and in this business it is not the easiest thing to make genuine friends. During that time we weren’t making music, we have made music in the past,” he told BBC Newsbeat.

He says that everyone will hear his new music in good time, but understands why Directioners are upset. (Wow, look at Naughty Boy changing his direction!)

“The world will hear the music but when he is ready and when the fans are ready. For him it was important to just go quiet for a little while and when he is ready to talk he will. I think there should be a bit of respect for that but also at the same time I can understand why the fans were upset.”

The producer says that he wasn’t really a part of the media hubbub, and insists that he just got caught up in it — when he wasn’t picking fights with Louis Tomlinson, that is.

“Sometimes you get caught up in something, bit like a circus but you are not really part of it. This year I want to get back to business as usual and when Zayn’s ready, probably next year for his music, I’m there for him.”