Zendaya and Taylor Swift are two of the fiercest stars around, and the “Replay” singer just admitted that she would love to make an epic musical collaboration with the “Shake It Off” singer. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the K.C. Undercover actress revealed that they haven’t worked on a single together, but she would be so down to make that happen.

“I would love to do that, but I have not,” she said. “She’s the bomb-diggity. Who doesn’t love Tay-Tay?”

Even though she’s been vocal about wanting to work with the pop star, she is still remaining tight-lipped about being caught on the singer’s “Bad Blood” music video set with a bunch of other celebs.

When the interviewer brought up her rumored cameo, she coyly responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

That basically sounds like a confirmation she’s going to be in it, or that she’s involved in some other top-secret project with Taylor. Either way, we have reason to get excited!

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