Check out the highlights of the latest episode. Read on!

This season of MTV Splitsvilla is full of drama, romance and tragedy. In a matter of literally three episodes, the contestants are falling in love and fighting for one another like there’s no tomorrow. Strong connections are being formed and others Splitsvillans are out to break those. The latest episode was all about confessions, brutal fights and love. The episode started with a bang when contestant Karishma decided to take on Mia, for backstabbing Gaurav and forming a bond with Ravi. Mia soon entered her battle zone mode and stated that she has a strong bond with Gaurav ONLY( Yeah right) Soon Rannvijay interrupted and decided to test these so called “connections” that the Splitsvillans had.

The Boys and Girls were asked to pick a partner, whom they believe to be trustworthy enough in the entire competition. The naming game began and Mia and Gaurav took each other’s name. Rannvijay gave gaurav an option of rescuing Mia from the dumping zone and sacrificing his position instead. All were surprised when he happily obliged and asked Mia to swap. Later, Utkarsh was asked to dump one person from the girls and he chose Veronica, much to her lover boy Shivam’s displeasure.”Uttu” as he’s fondly called, decided to save Gaurav from the dumping zone and Mia was smiling once again. Veronica’s dumping obviously didn’t go down too well with Shivam, who started hurling abuses at Utkarsh in no time.

Things turned ugly when Prince interrupted and informed Veronica that Shivam wasn’t a good guy and had abused her while she was performing in the last task. Shivam denied the same which pissed Prince off big time. As a result, the Roadies winner slapped Shivam and got into a major brawl with him. Uh oh!

The fight continued for a long time and surprisingly neither Rannvijay nor Sunny Leone tried to stop the fight. Soon things calmed down and Rannvijay asked Prince to apologize to Sunny for acting violent in front of her. Lol, that’s ironic Rannvijay, considering that neither you or Sunny didn’t react when the fight was going on. We admit that you wanted some masala for the show, but why the “no violence” pretence?

The episode ended on a disturbing note when all the Splitsvillans made a mockery out of Karishma’s sexual orientation. She came out of the closet and declared that she’s bisexual, which the contestants reacted to saying “what” in a shocking manner. Karishma very smartly retorted saying that it’s her sexual preference so people need not be so shocked after all. Well done babe! Her friend got dumped and Karishma broke down. Sunny then asked her on whether she had feelings for the other girl,or was she  crying because the latter is a friend. Karishma then went up to the dumped girl and kissed her. While we found the gesture incredibly moving, Splitsvillans and hist Rannvijay chose to gigglle. It’s strange how the show works as when Ashiwini Koul and his lady love Sanjana smooched big time in front of the cameras, no eyebrows were raised. So why the double standards?

At the end, three girls- Veronica, Sharika and Ashmita got dumped.Stay tuned for more updates on MTV Splitsvilla right here on BollywoodLife!