Miles Teller presented Shailene Woodley with the Trailbrazer Award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and totally made her cry during his speech! The Insurgent actor gave the most heartfelt introduction for his friend, proving that he and Shailene are the ultimate friendship goals.

“The Trailblazer Award is for somebody who breaks the mold, they said. And that is absolutely Shailene,” Miles said during his speech. “I honestly can say I’ve never been in a room with somebody who emits more of a radiant, positive light. Shailene is an incredible force of nature. I’m sure when she gets up here, she’d like to give you all a heart hug, which is where you hug and your hearts touch. But she can’t, so she’ll just accept the award graciously.”

“But, Shailene, I love you. I feel like I’ve written a bunch of speeches for you at this point. I’m always happy to do it, because you’re an incredible actress. And that’s really only matched by your integrity, and who you are as a person.”

All together now, aww! After making her way on stage and hugging Miles (which gave us ALL THE FEELS), Shailene thanked her co-star and said, “You were so good. And you made me cry, which is not that easy to do.”

The star was so flustered by Miles’ speech that she even fumbled her words a little during her Trailblazer acceptance speech. Of course, she still managed to be totally electrifying and walked away making us all feel inspired.

“Looking at all of you, I know some of you, I don’t know some of you, but for all of you who have been pillars to me, thank you. And for all of you who I have been able to be a pillar for, I will continue to be a pillar for. Whoever your community is, be pillars for these people… so let’s trailblaze on!” she said.

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