Calling all Pretty Little Liars fanatics! There is only one week left until the PLL season six premiere airs on ABC Family at 8PM ET titled, “Game On, Charles,” and Lucy Hale has already begun teasing us with a photo from the episode.

Not only does her photo reveal all four girls mysteriously huddled together but also the fact that we may find out who Charles DiLaurentis is, AKA “A”, in just the first episode! (OMG!) If you can’t tell… we’re totally freaking out.

The season six promo trailer was officially released at the beginning of May but after Lucy’s Instagram we are just too excited to wait even one more week for all four girls and the rest of the PLL cast to be back on our television screens!

Will this actually be the summer of answers? Are you excited for the premiere on June 2nd? Comment and let us know!