Fans have been freaking out over the news that Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad, and apparently the baby’s mother Briana Jungwirth seriously hates the attention she’s been getting. According to PEOPLE, she left town so that she can deal with her pregnancy in private.

“Briana is staying away from home for the moment; she’s a private girl – she doesn’t even have any social media. Everyone’s hoping she can have a smooth pregnancy in peace. That’s the most important thing for everyone right now,” a close friend spilled.

Since Briana lives in the United States and Louis is from London, the source said that the One Direction guy is going to buy a stateside house.

“Briana and Louis could not be more excited. Louis is looking forward to finding a new house and setting up a home in Los Angeles near where Briana lives.”

While there’s no word on where Briana went, there are rumors that Simon Cowell bought her a house in a nice neighborhood in Calabasas, which is where the Kardashians live. Maybe she’s hiding out there to avoid unwanted attention.