I am pretty sure after Paul Heyman unleashed that promo on Raw Monday, that the mic he used should be retired and put on display in a future physical WWE Hall of Fame. It has to be a pretty nice feeling knowing that you are responsible for getting people hyped up about the main event at WM this year. It is probably an even bigger rush when you realize you are doing a fantastic job at it. Paul E has done a great job talking people into getting excited for the Lesnar/Reigns match. Especially when there are so many questions surrounding it.. Is Lesnar staying? Can Reigns carry a WM headlining match this early in his career? Will the fans in attendance voice their displeasure over these matters? Who knows, but I know that as long as Paul Heyman can keep delivering shoot/work type promos like that, more people will go in with an open mind for the match and spend $9.99 for the event. Hell, even the elephant in the room got a shout out with Heyman acknowledging Lesnar could end up back in the UFC if a new deal cannot be reached. Myself, I hope the agreement is reached and we see Lesnar in WWE for years to come. The guy got a pay check for standing in a ring and smiling, how can’t you want to keep up that? Stand here while this guy talks for you, here is a giant check.. Sign me up please.

I love WrestleMania season for a lot of reasons, but I love that the undercard actually gets attention too. During the attitude area one good thing was that everyone, no matter where they were on the card had a story following them. Even if it was not very good, you knew that the wrestlers were not out there filling time. I am enjoying the resurgence of the undercard, and it is about time. How are some of these guys going to ever move up the ladder if they are not given time to shine? The Miz and Mizdow are just fantastic. I went to the live event in Youngstown this past Sunday and seeing Mizdow do the Thriller dance with the Usos was just a ton of fun. You are also seeing some importance on the IC title again. Remember when the IC title was a really big deal? I do, I miss those days and hope they can get some steam going with the belt again. I understand that having guys just running around stealing it is not exactly the most epic story telling ever, but at least it looks like people want the darn thing. Also adding Daniel Bryan into the mix can only help elevate the title. A shout out to Curtis Axel too, the Axelmania thing is slowly catching on and even if it is for comedic purposes only, it is getting him on TV and getting people a little bit more interested in him. Loving the tag teams too, I think Kidd and Cesaro work great together and look the part too. I know I am leaving a few things out, but I hope even after WM is over the writers can find a way to keep the momentum going for the young guys on the roster.

Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker should be a lot of fun, I don’t know what the match will look like, but I am sure it will be fine. I am talking more on how fun the promos from Bray have been. The Undertaker was always my favorite wrestler when I was a kid and I still turn into a child when I hear that gong go off in the arena. I thought finally getting a clue that the Undertaker is aware of Bray calling him out was done really well. Lighting, some music, burning chair, classic Taker stuff. Enjoy seeing it while you can because you never know when the Undertaker will hang it up for good. I think this match will be perfect for him because Bray is not going to bring such a physical match to the Deadman. I cannot wait to see some more special effects from these two leading up to WM.

Complaint Department: Once and awhile I have to complain about something. I mentioned earlier in this article that I was at the live event in Youngstown this last Sunday, it was an entertaining time. Except for the second time in a row I got to sit in front of “Mr. Spoiler.“ Listen, we all understand the wrestling is a work, we do, I promise. Nothing is worse than listening to some guy who thinks they understand how everything is done because they have a TV and the internet. Sir, pointing out that you think you know how everything is done in the ring is flat out annoying. It would be like going to see a magician and someone keeps yelling out how the tricks are done, same thing with a movie. I paid to be entertained and get lost in the storytelling in the ring. Not listen to you explain to a girl you are trying to impress how wrestling works. Sad part is most of the things that you said were just plain wrong. I am not saying I am an expert of any kind but sir, you are annoying and sound ridiculous. I feel like this could be turned into a Rob Lowe cable/Dtv commercial.. Don’t be super annoying wrestling fan Rob, let people enjoy the $#$%% show!!

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