The HC will today decide the fate of the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor

Today is an important day for Salman Khan. The Mumbai High Court will soon hear the bail application of  Salman. The actor was convicted by the Sessions Court on May 6 and awarded him a five year sentence for killing one and injuring four in the 2002-hit-and-run case. 13 years after the incident, the judgement was announced on Wednesday. Following the Sessions Court verdict, the actor’s sister Alvira Agnihotri and lawyer went to the Bombay High Court to apply for bail. Noted layer Harish Salve represented the actor in the court after which he was  granted two days interim bail.

The hearing at the HC is quite important for the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor as it is the last working day of the court before the annual summer vacations till June 8, 2015.

9:10 am: Advocate Amit Desai to lead defense in court as Salman Khan’s bail application comes up for hearing in Bombay HC at 11 am

9:25 am: Salman Khan will not be present in court as Bombay HC is set to seal the actor’s fate & hear his crucial bail application

10:00 am: Fans gather outside Salman’s Galaxy Apartments in large numbers to show their support for the actor.

10:12 am: Residents of Galaxy Apartment upset due to the presence of media and fans outside the society.

10: 17 am: Baba Siddiqui reaches High Court for the hearing.

10:22 am: Public prosecutor Sandeep Shinde reaches Bombay HC

 10: 24 am: Salman’s plea to be heard at Court no 21 of the Bombay HC

10:40 am: Salman’s sister Alvira reaches the Court. Bail plea to be taken up around 11: 30am

10:51 am: Pavement dwellers protest outside Bombay HC

10:55 am: Salman Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai reaches Bombay HC for the hearing

11:05 am: Bail plea begins

11:20 am: Defence cites the actor’s humanitarian work and his heart and neurological aliment

11:23 am: Salman’s lawyer says there is basis for suspension of sentence

11:28 pm: Amit Desai argues with the prosecution about who all were in the car

11: 32 am: Judge Thipsay questions why was Kamaal Khan not examined?

11:41 am: Salman’s lawyer says the car was not speeding as claimed by prosecution

11:42 am: Salman’s lawyer says tyre burst argument ignored by lower court. How can it take 30 mins from Marriott to Galaxy at 100km/hr?

11: 47 am: Altaf was the one who was driving that day according to Salman’s lawyer Amit Desai

11:53 am: Key witness Ravindra Patil was an unwilling prosecution witness

12: 08 pm: A fan of Salman Khan tried to attempt suicide outside Mumbai High Court by consuming poison from a bottle , now taken to hospital

12:16 pm: Salman Khans’s alcohol level was much above the permissible limits says the prosecution lawyer

12: 29 pm: Judge says, “I am of the opinion that the sentence has to be suspended.”

12: 32 pm: Accused should first surrender, then appeal for fresh bond says Judge Abhay Thipsay

12:39 pm: After a lot of arguments, the HC has suspended the five year sentence awarded to the actor.

1:26 pm: Salman leaves Galaxy apartments to go to Sessions Court to apply for fresh bail after sentence is suspended.

5:45 pm: Salman surrenders before the Sessions Court, released on bail.

5:55 pm: Bail formalities over Salman furnishes Rs 30,000 as bail bond, actor leaves the Court.