Liam Payne Teases an Original Solo Song

69847Any Directioner worth their salt knows that One Direction is pretty much done with their fifth album, but someone (likely Sophia Smith) leaked new 1D music — or, at least, a hilarious Liam Payne solo song we never saw coming. The videographer caught Payno singing an original ditty in the shower, and then the pop star posted it on Instagram, writing, "Today's shower song was caught on cam thanks to someone ... Thought I might as well share #nextalbum #SqueakyCleanDream." But in case you're thinking "Squeaky Clean Dream" is going to be his new single, just take a listen.
Even if this isn't 1D's next big single, we love seeing his goofier side. And his shower vocals? On point. Seriously on point. What do you think about Liam's song? Let us know in the comments!

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