– There are a lot of rumors that a tape will be revealed on Friday morning that has WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan repeatedly using racial slurs. There is an old audio going around on YouTube of Hogan using the “n word” during an interview in 2012 but that is not the same audio that is being rumored now.

As noted, WWE removed all Hogan mentions from their website, removed his merchandise from WWE Shop and he’s been pulled as a judge on WWE Tough Enough. They even dropped the “Axelmania” gimmick for Curtis Axel that was a parody of Hogan.

One reliable source who is aware of the audio says it’s going to do some major damage to Hogan, which is why WWE is distancing themselves ahead of time, but he will be able to rebound from it after some time and some effort.

Apparently the audio has been known to people close to Hogan for some time and is rumored to have been recorded a few years ago, long before Hogan made his return to WWE. This is obviously a developing story and nothing has been confirmed yet but we will keep you updated.

For those who missed it earlier, Hogan tweeted the following when WWE’s website started removing his profiles early Friday: