Kimi Raikkonen said his retirement from second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix was just one more disappointment on a long list this year.

Raikkonen was running second when his MGU-K stopped working, limiting his power and making him a sitting duck for others to overtake on the straights. Ferrari was set for its first one-two victory in five years before the issue, but Raikkonen said the result would go down as another bad result in a season littered with technical issues.

“I think I’ve had some problems and bad races and this is just one more,” he said. “Obviously it would have been much better for the team to have one-two, but obviously a second win with Seb is still good for the team. It would have been much greater to be one-two because I think we quite easily had the speed and then we just had a problem with the car.

“Unfortunately that’s part of luck and part of racing. Sometimes you have bad luck and things seem to go wrong, but we did the maximum we could and it didn’t pay off today.”

Raikkonen said he heard the MGU-K problem coming before the car lost power.

“I could hear some things changing in the sound and then it got worse and worse, so I had to pit – it’s sometimes like this. For me, I could feel a loss of power but I heard the sound changing first. The car was surprisingly okay after the safety car other than on straight-line speed, which was very slow, but it wasn’t too bad over the rest of the lap.

“But we were losing a lot of positions because of the straight-line speed and because one problem came, there came another problem and we tried to sort it out, but if we had done the rest of the race like that it could have been dangerous and we probably would have had more problems that would have made us retire anyhow. We tried to fix it, but unfortunately I had to stop.”