– As seen below, this week’s interview with Michael Cole features Kevin Owens and it’s filmed in the ring instead of backstage. Here are a few highlights:

* Cole brings up Owens’ recent losses and says it appears the losses are leading Owens to take his anger out on others. Owens just knocks Cole and says he yells at Cole during his matches to keep in line and make sure he’s focusing on the match. Owens says Cole’s commentary is very biased.

* Cole brings up Cesaro and says Owens should understand what Cesaro has been through as their careers have been similar. Cole asks what the issues are with Cesaro and Owens says he just doesn’t want Cesaro to take his spotlight. Owens feels like that’s what has been happening. Owens says Cesaro doesn’t have “it” but he does and Cesaro should just stay out of his business, then everything will be fine. Owens says Cesaro should be watching his back on SmackDown.