Kevin Jonas, the oldest brother from the Jonas Brothers band that broke up in 2009, had some interesting advice for Zayn Malik and his career post-One Direction.

Kevin’s brothers Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas have already voiced their thoughts about One Direction after Zayn. With the singer’s boy-band-breakup experience, he sheds light on his thoughts for Zayn’s future after leaving the band.

“I get it completely and I also understand that in the midst of that intensity, like, he should go dark for a long time. You gotta go dark for at least like, six weeks, like, underground. You gotta go hard. Like, you’re done….Because you gotta let it settle, you gotta let the dust clear because anything you do then will be scrutinized”
Kevin said in an interview with The Elvis Duran Morning Show on iHeartRadio earlier this week. Zayn has definitely been under scrutiny since leaving 1D, especially with Naughty Boy’s continued jabs at Directioners since his departure.

It is obvious that Zayn just wants this situation to settle down, and in the mean time he is doing his best to keep his fans happy too. Kevin’s advice is sounding pretty smart, maybe Zayn should stay out of the spotlight and lay low for a while. What do you think? Is Zayn doing his best to keep things from escalating? Tell us what you think in the comments!