If the latest grapevine is anything to go by then the sequel will mainly revolve around Kat’s character Indu Pratap Singh…

Prakash Jha making a sequel to his 2010 political satire, Rajneeti is known to all. However, if you expected protagonists Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to return back with this second installment then well, here’s a twist. While Katrina’s character Indu Pratap Singh will continue to centre the plot, Ranbir’s character Samar Pratap Singh has been totally excluded from Raajneeti 2. Yes!

Talking to a leading daily, a source close to the project revealed, “Ranbir Kapoor, whose character, Samar Pratap Singh, leaves India after a messy succession battle which ends with the death of his partner, will stay away from politics. The climax of the original film revealed that Indu was pregnant with her deceased husband Prithviraj Pratap Singh’s (Arjun Rampal) child. Part 2 will be her journey. And while the original reportedly borrowed its plot from Sonia Gandhi’s entry to politics, the second film will look at the recent power shift in the country.”

Earlier, Prakash Jha too had given out a similar plot stating, “Ajay’s character, like Manoj Bajpai’s and Arjun Rampal’s is dead. I don’t know if Ranbir’s character will return. Katrina’s Indu is now the Chief Minister and Raajneeti 2 will start with her. Then we’ll have other family members coming in.”

The film is expected to begin shooting by the end of this year, after Kat wraps up with her shoot for Abhishek Kapoor’s Fitoor. Watch out this space for more updates!