We guess the upcoming R Balki film is gonna have a role reversal!
In R Balki’s next, Kareena Kapoor Khan is the man of the house. And Arjun Kapoor… well, he just hangs around the house.

In the film about a gender reversal of stereotypes, Balki turns Kareena into a breadwinner while Arjun is the house-husband. For her role, Kareena is all set to have a completely different look from the one she sports these days.
Says a source, “In Abhishek Choubey’s Udta Punjab which she wraps up this week, has her looking completely Indian, Punjabi to be more specific… salwar-kameez, jet-black hair, kohl-laden eyes, loud prints, etc. She goes for a complete 360-degree turn in her appearance for Balki’s film. The latter will be a metro-centric character, with no hint of Indian clothes. Kareena will be dressed in chic, subtle executive suits, as she plays a hotshot head honcho of a corporate firm. Manish Mahotra will do all of her clothes for Balki’s as-yet untitled film.”

“She will colour her hair a chic auburn shade. Balki chose Bebo for the film because he wanted an actress with killer looks who would look convincing as a hot-shot working woman. She fits the bill perfectly,” says the source.

Balki’s film begins shooting August 1.