We’ve heard rumblings that Kylie Jenner was working on solo music for a while now, but it seems we will get to hear it very soon! Hollywood Life has reported that Kanye West has agreed to record Kylie’s first single as a birthday gift for her – Kylie turns 18 on August 10th.

A source spilled, “He really sees greatness in her and has always told her he wants to help bring it out of her. Kanye thinks Kylie could be a huge name in hip hop and pop and wants to help her get her foot in the door. He says he wants to give her the gift of producing her first single. He thinks that is a gift that even money can’t buy!”

We think it’s so fun that Kylie will be hitting the recording studio really soon – just like her bestie Pia Mia – maybe the two will even plan to record a duet together!