Justin Bieber Reveals His Bare Butt on Instagram

69938As if Justin Bieber's vacation couldn't get any more eventful, the singer is now showing off his bare butt for the world to see! The Calvin Klein model uploaded a shot of his bum on a boat, and everyone is freaking out. Um, he's definitely putting everything out there. And his simple caption, "Look," pretty much says everything. Justin Bieber Butt But the rest of his trip seems like it's been pretty calm. He's been chilling in a tropical environment. And posting some introspective photos off of the aforementioned boat.   We're a little bit freaked out that he's showing off his entire backside, but at least he seems really confident about it. Looks like he's having a fun vacay! Are you shocked that Justin bared all on Instagram? Can you believe that he did this? Let us know in the comments!

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