Justin Bieber has been relentlessly flirting with model Ashley Moore on Instagram — and Romeo Miller has stepped in with a bit of a shady response! The singer was spotted getting kissy with heronly last month, and it seems like he’s been pining for her ever since.

He posted a shot of the model, writing the cryptic caption, “Sometimes I wonder.”

Ashley Moore

Then, the rapper responded with a selfie of them together, saying, “@justinbieber Sometimes I wonder too…”

Ashley Moore Romeo Miller

Justin and Ashley are known for having a confusing relationship. They’ve been caught flirting on Instagram, going on shopping dates, and having romantic dinners togethers, without actually confirming the rumors. It seems like the “Boyfriend” singer is just being wistful about what could have been, but Romeo is making it clear where he stands.

The rapper was previously rumored to be dating Selena Gomez (and publicly confessed his love for her), so they definitely have a history of being interested in the same girl.

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